Freedom Suite was born within Noble Brands, a family of companies and franchise businesses, including the well-known brands, “ShelfGenie” and “Outback Guttervac.” Freedom Suite was developed due to the lack of high quality service providers that Noble Brands and its peer groups had encountered within the franchise industry. After numerous vendor experiences that did not live up to their expectations, Noble Brands began in-sourcing these franchisee-supporting functional groups one-by-one over a multi-year span. These groups included the Business Support Center, Media Buying, Ad Production, Digital Marketing, Product Development, and Software Development.

After achieving high levels of success and transparency with these in-sourced functional groups, the decision was made to take these same services to other franchise systems, knowing that they, too, could benefit from these same best-in-class offerings. 

Freedom Suite is unique in that we were born out of frustration within the sea of sameness in the market. Our understanding of and experience with franchise systems is a unique differentiator. We understand the challenges and the opportunities of franchisors and franchisees and it is our desire to provide unparalleled support so that you have the FREEDOM to move your business forward!

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Freedom Suite Services provides franchise systems and business owners with 360-degree Brand Development & Marketing Support.

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