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We recently brought our Product Development team and Software Development team together as one integrated “Solutions Development” group, as we saw the synergy between the two entities. Our Solutions Development group is a contributor to Freedom Suite’s unique positioning in the market as a diverse, all-in-one services provider.

Our Product Development team is led by an industrial designer and is specialized in designing,
prototyping, testing, and rolling out physical products across industries. Utilizing the latest in
3D design tools, competitive research, and extreme creativity, our team produces new solutions to grow our clients’ businesses.

Our Software Development team utilizes both in-house software design resources and strategic partnerships to provide end-to-end software rollouts. We have a long list of successful systems designs and rollouts that have provided our clients with more efficient and effective tools to run their businesses. It is our goal to clearly understand our clients’ businesses and their software needs so that we can strategize the business requirements for systems development in the beginning, ensuring that each project’s ROI is maximized. Then, through our rigorous design, development, and testing process, we ensure that the end solution will fulfill the needs of the business.

In everything we do, our Solutions Development team is driven by the overarching goal of providing you with the FREEDOM TO FOCUS ON YOUR CORE BUSINESS.

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Solutions Development

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